The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning a funeral within hours of a loved one’s death can be a very difficult experience. There are many details to attend to and critical decisions must be made at a time when people are least able to make them. Planning the funeral ahead of time removes much of that burden from your family.

When you plan your funeral in advance you have an opportunity to involve your family and discuss your wishes with them. There are somewhere between 45 and 90 separate decisions involved in funeral planning but most of these can be made in advance. Planning ahead gives your family time to arrange for special and unique ways to celebrate your life. Because the funeral is planned in advance the family can work with their grief and not be burdened by a lot of details.

Once you have made your plans Brust Funeral Home will keep the information on file, even if it is years before the time of need. There are advantages in paying the funeral at today’s rates and protecting it from inflation. Knowing everything is taken care of will give both you and your family peace of mind.

Call Brust Funeral Home and ask for a funeral planning counselor if you would like to discuss your plans or if you would like more information on planning or prepaying for a funeral.

Ways to Preplan

Funerals may be planned in advance by simply setting up an appointment with Brust Funeral Home to discuss what your wishes are concerning a funeral.

In most cases this will be done at the funeral home. However, it is also possible to arrange for the funeral planning counselor to come to your home or some other location.

You may simply want to provide the funeral home with some basic ideas of what you want included in the funeral being planned. On the other hand, you may want to make plans in a very detailed fashion. In either case Brust Funeral Home will record all the information you share and keep it on file until the time of need. Updating can be done at any time.

Brust Funeral Home can provide you with all of the options available to you for planning a funeral ahead of time. Call and ask any specific questions you may have.

Why Pay In Advance?

Last year over two million American funerals were planned and paid for in advance. Why is this a growing trend? There are several reasons for it.

By planning your funeral ahead of time it is much easier for the loved ones left behind. Your expressed wishes will be carried out, and it will relieve the financial burden on your family.

When a funeral home in Illinois receives payment more than 30 days prior to a funeral those funds must be kept in some form of protected account. Sometimes the money is invested in a Licensed Funeral Trust Account, like the ones set up through Brust Funeral Home, and kept in a local financial institution. Often the funeral is protected with a special form of Life Insurance. These are now being offered by several different companies.

In Illinois funeral homes are under stricter regulations than are cemeteries. People are protected from the losses that have occurred in some circumstances when a cemetery has gone bankrupt. If a funeral home goes out of business the funds are still protected in the name of the individual and may be transferred to another firm.

In most circumstances the family will not have to pay more in the future for the services and merchandise paid for at today’s rates, no matter what happens to inflation. The bank trust or insurance policy will increase in value at least at the rate of inflation. If there is more in the account than the funeral costs as the time of need that difference will be returned to the estate or the heirs.

Call Brust Funeral Home for more information on the value of planning and prepaying for a funeral.

Can I Preplan Without Prepaying?

Often people ask if they can pre-plan their funeral without having to pay for it at the time. Yes, you can. Most funeral homes will make and keep a record of your information and selections without cost or obligation to you.

There are between 45 and 90 separate decisions or choices that must be made at the time of death. Most of these can be made ahead of time and a record kept at the funeral home. The information needed for the death certificate includes full name and address, Social Security number, years of schooling, occupation, names of parents, etc. This can be recorded and kept on file.

The funeral planning counselor will show you a complete list of services and merchandise available and the current price for each of them. You can decide about visitation or wake plans, how and where the funeral is to be held. Some select their casket, vault and memorial folders or prayer cards. You may choose your preferences as far as you desire to go.

There are advantages to paying for the funeral at today’s rates so your loved ones will not have to pay more later, but that is not required. Contact Brust Funeral Home for more information regarding pre-planning your funeral.

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